Choir Ensemble Auditions

We are delighted you’re interested in singing with one of our outstanding UIUC choral ensembles.  We have a choir for every interested singer, and look forward to welcoming you into our community, where we share the joy of singing great music together.

Choir Ensembles Auditions

Chamber Singers (MUSC 460, TR 1:00-2:50 PM)
University Chorus (MUSC 462, MWF  4:00-4:50 PM)
Black Chorus (MUSC 463, MW  6:00-8:20 PM)
Women’s Glee Club (MUSC 464, TR 4:00-5:20 PM)
Varsity Men’s Glee Club (MUSC 465, TR  5:30-6:50 PM)
Oratorio Society (MUSC 466, T 7:30-9:30PM)

Audition information for Jazz Vocal Ensemble and Jazz Vocal Combos.

Auditions take place the first week of the fall semester. Singers who are not in a choir and who wish to join one for the Spring semester are invited to email the conductor(s) to inquire about auditioning for any openings.

Choral Auditions for Music Majors

All music majors audition every year.


Auditions take place in the studio of Prof. Megill, Krannert 411 (fourth level, near the south end of the building; enter through either the blue parking garage doors and go up one level).

What to expect

Be prepared to sing a short aria or art song  (or excerpt from a longer aria or art song of about 2 minutes).  You will also be asked to sight-read, and may be asked to vocalize and/or perform tonal memory exercises.  The aria or song can be from any tradition, in any language and should show us who your expressive talents as well as your vocal skill.

If the day assigned for your year does not work in your schedule, you may sign up for a time on one of the other days (not the evenings, which are reserved for non-major auditions).

Choral Auditions for Non-music Majors


UI Choirs are open to all students by audition. Participation in Oratorio Society is also open to the community and does not require enrollment.


Be prepared to sing “My Country “Tis of Thee” or another song of your choice (1-2 minutes maximum) for your audition. Sight-reading may be included.

Returning Students

Returning members of WGC who are non-music majors and who do not wish to be considered for any other choral ensemble do not need to re-audition. Be sure to contact Prof. Solya before the audition days to let her know your intent to return. ALL VMGC members (returning & new) are required to audition.

Location and Date

Auditions for non-majors have been postponed and will be held on Sunday, the 23rd of January at 4-5pm in Music Building 4034.

Black Chorus

Note that if your interest is in specifically singing in Black Chorus this year, you do not need to take the choral audition described above, unless you are a music major; all music majors re-audition every year. Instead, contact Dr. Ollie Watts Davis.

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