Student Resources

Remembering Dr. William Patterson

We recognize that this passing will be difficult for many that knew and worked with Dr. Patterson. Please utilize the following information if you seek support.


For Counseling Support:


Embedded Counselor – Contact our FAA Embedded Counselor Bryan Deutsch at to schedule an appointment. His office is located in Rm.108 in the Architecture Bldg.


Counseling Center
You may contact the Counseling Center at 217.333.3704 to schedule an appointment for grief counseling and emotional support.  The services are free to any student who has paid the student health fee. For routine appointments, the Center uses a same-day scheduling system such that students need to call at 7:50 am when their phone lines open to schedule an appointment for that day. If you are unable to get a same day appointment that works with your schedule or you need to be seen more urgently, identify yourself to the Counseling Center Reception staff as a student who is in urgent need of grief counseling. The Counseling Center staff will work to arrange an urgent appointment for you.


McKinley Health Center –

Counseling and psychiatry services are also available to students at McKinley Health Center in their mental health clinic.  Call 217.333.2700 to schedule an appointment. These services are also covered by the student health fee.


Faculty/Staff Assistance and Well-Being Services – For assistance with grief and loss, UIUC faculty/staff are encouraged to contact Faculty/Staff Assistance and Well-Being Services at 217.244.5312 to schedule an appointment.


For Academic Support:


FAA Undergraduate Affairs –


Office of the Dean of Students –Student Assistance Center

You may contact the FAA Undergraduate Affairs office or the Student Assistance Center in the Office of the Dean of Students, if you need assistance getting connected to the support resources described above or if grief is impeding your ability to function academically. Although decisions about excusing missed classes and accepting late work are at the discretion of individual professors, the Student Assistance Center can send communications to instructors to inform them that you are experiencing an extenuating life circumstance and to request additional support and academic consideration on your behalf.


Community of care and students of concern

We know that your university experience will be stressful at times, and we believe that seeking help when you need it is a sign of strength.

Here are some resources that can help:

Please know that for anything after-hours, the Emergency Dean is also a resource and can be reached 5:00pm-8:30am during the week, and 24 hours per day on the weekends and all days the university is closed.  Please don’t hesitate to call and consult if you’re concerned about someone. And all of us in the School of Music remain resources at your disposal as well.

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