Recording Opportunities

Recording Opportunities

Recording @ Illinois

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Recording @ Illinois offers its services to all faculty, staff, students, non-students, campus organizations, ensembles, or visitors. We offer both audio and video recording services for any size project from student recitals to large-scale commercial studio projects. They work with groups of any size from percussion soloists to symphony orchestras. We provide PA services for a wide variety of applications, including simple vocal amplification, large jazz ensembles, and even theatre-filling 8 channel surround sound. In addition to supporting the ongoing live performances and studio projects of the School of Music, we manage a music archive, offer media-transfer and duplication services, and provide technical knowledge and insight for future projects.

With an impressive number of venues to choose from, you are sure to find a space that is perfect for your project. You can tailor the sound of your performances by selecting a room with period-appropriate reverb times such as Smith Recital Hall, Smith Memorial Room, or the Krannert Center’s Great Hall. The Music Building Recording Studio offers an intimate feeling for medium-size ensembles. Spread out your large group between the Recording Studio and the adjoining Music Building Auditorium to take advantage of the wonderful wood floor and Steinway pianos. Capture your jazz quartet’s live debut in Smith 25. The Audio Department occasionally offers alternate location recording as well; feel free to contact them for more options or to plan your next project.

In addition to recitals and session work, Recording @ Illinois frequently amplifies and records jazz ensemble performances at the Krannert Center’s Festival Theatre, Playhouse, and Studio Theatre. They support the complex, often groundbreaking technical requirements of the Composition Department and Illinois Modern Ensemble. With venues in three buildings, hundreds of recordings each year, a world-class microphone collection, comprehensive knowledge of PA equipment and application, an appreciation for a wide variety of musical genres, and an impressive background of experience and abilities to pull from, we provide a strong technical foundation that supports the artistry of the University of Illinois School of Music. For more information and to request services, please see our recording request form or contact Graham Duncan.

Student recital recording packages

$150: Audio recording: stereo recording of recital

$250: One camera video plus stereo recording of recital

$350: Two camera video plus stereo recording of recital, editing included

Hourly rates: PA support, recording, editing, mixing

$50/hour (Illinois student rate)

$65/hour (All other clients)


Recording in Krannert

A recording space can be reserved by contacting Andrew Almeter, Events Coordinator at

In order to reserve the space, the following info is needed:

  • Dates, Times or hours needed for recording.
  • Piano needs. The piano has to be reserved separately and a tuning has to be arranged for by the recording artist by contacting Craig Deets (
  • The name of the recording engineer. Each Artist is responsible for contacting and arranging for their recording engineer. Engineers most frequently used are Graham Duncan (, Frank Horger (, Alec LaBau (; 244-9899) or Rick Scholwin (; 300-2154). If an outside engineer is used; they need to email Rick Scholwin prior to the recording in the space.
  • Who is paying for the recording: Artist by personal check, SOM, etc.
  • What is the Artist’s affiliation with the University of Illinois (faculty, student, alumni), if any.

Once dates are selected, the reservation will be confirmed in writing and by contract. The Artist needs to sign and return the contract 2 weeks prior to the recording date. An invoice will be mailed with a contract, and students must prepay for their time. Non-students can pay once the recording is complete, the invoice and payment need to be mailed together to the Business office address on the invoice.

If using either Alec LaBau or Rick Scholwin for recording engineer, a separate invoice will be sent once the recording and editing process is complete.

On the day of recording you will have 1 hour for setup and 1 hour for teardown. Setups cannot be left overnight unless recording the next day and there are no other events listed.

Recording/Hall Rental Rates

Updated 5/13/18 for Fall 2018

University Students
KCPA Recording Hall:
$150 flat fee for 6-8hrs
$100 flat fee for 2-6

School of Music Faculty
KCPA Recording Hall
$250 Flat fee for 6-8 hrs
$175 for 2-6 hours

Non-University Artist or Groups: Commercial and Non-Commercial
KCPA Recording Hall
$600 flat fee for 6-8hrs
$450 flat fee for 2-6hrs
$110 fee for piano per day

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