Illinois Community Music Academy

The Illinois Community Music Academy offers quality affordable instruction to students of all ages.

ICMA Information


The Illinois Community Music Academy is a collaborative community music school based at the University of Illinois. Its core mission is to provide an inclusive environment and to engage with the greater Champaign-Urbana community through musical experiences and amplifying musical voices of populations which have traditionally been underserved. We embrace the following values:

  1. We aim to provide a musically enriching, inclusive, and challenging environment that nurtures the maximum potential of each student, regardless of their future goals and ambitions.
  2. We aim to lay a strong technical and musical foundation for each student.
  3. We aim to offer opportunities for collaboration to students at all levels in the form of group classes, ensembles and performances.
  4. We employ highly skilled instructors, typically current graduate students in the School of Music, who demonstrate a passion for teaching.
  5. We aim to offer opportunities for development and pedagogical training for our instructors to guide their journey to becoming expert teachers.

We are not accepting new students at this time.

New instruction offerings coming in Fall 2024.

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