ISYM Electric Strings

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ISYM Electric Strings

Program Description

ISYM Electric Strings Camp provides a week of serious study of electric violin, viola, cello, and upright bass in a great variety of styles in a community of highly enthusiastic advocates for this emerging art form. Students study electric ensemble playing, effects and loopers, recording techniques, improvisation, stage presence, career building, composition, arranging, and notation.

Electric Strings


  • For students completing grades 8-12.
  • For all middle and high school students with a background in string playing who wish to acquire skills in the field of electric strings.

Frequently Asked Questions

I.  If I don’t own an electric instrument, can I rent one for use at the camp?

A limited number of instruments will be available for rent. Price lists will be provided. Please indicate on the application form if you are interested in renting an instrument. Also check with your high school or middle school to see if it has electric instruments available for you to use.

II.  What styles of music will be taught at the camp?

As in the college degree program, we will cover a great variety of musical styles. Our college electric strings students perform music in rock, jazz, classical, hip-hop, Carnatic, anime, EDM, and other styles, and we will offer a similar range of styles at ISYM. In the survey below you will have the opportunity to let us know about particular kinds of music you’d like to study.


Prof. Haken tries out new electric violins.
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