Pre-College Oboe and Bassoon

July 7-13, 2024

Pre-College Oboe & Bassoon

Program Description

Designed primarily for high school age oboe and bassoon students, this program focuses on strengthening technical and musical fundamentals and offers daily warm-up and individual practice time, masterclasses, lesson time, collage audition preparation, double reed ensemble playing, and daily reed-making classes for all levels. Students will be exposed to a wide range of repertoire and gain perspective in all aspects of oboe and bassoon practice and performance.

Pre-College Oboe & Bassoon


For students completing grades 8-12.


Resident – $850 (includes housing and all meals)
Commuter – $550 (includes lunch M-F only)


John Dee, Oboe Instructor
Bill A. Nugent Professor of Oboe
University of Illinois

Ben Roidl-Ward, Bassoon Instructor
Assistant Professor of Bassoon
University of Illinois

Reed Making

Reed making classes are an integral part of ISYM Oboe and Bassoon Week. Whether you have no experience making reeds or are a seasoned pro, you will be able to improve your reed making at ISYM in small group classes. Students may rent a reed making kit for a small fee, but all double reed players are encouraged to build their own set of tools. Here are some recommendations to get you started. More detailed information will be sent about a month before camp in the welcome letter.

Oboe – John Dee’s oboe reed-making book, “Oboe Reed-Making from Blank to Crow, A Step-by-Step Method and Companion Guide”, and all required ISYM oboe reed-making equipment may be ordered directly from:

Oboe Chicago
Attn: Shawna Lake

(847) 815-9644.

Bassoon: holding mandrel, plaque, file, pliers, a ruler, 6 pieces of wire, and 2 pieces of gouged cane (Rigotti).

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