Pre-College Brass

July 7-13, 2024

Pre-College Brass

Program Description

Designed for senior high trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba, and euphonium players, this program focuses on strengthening musicianship and fundamentals. The schedule includes masterclasses, private lessons, chamber music, and brass choir rehearsals. The program offers an in-depth experience covering a range of topics, including advice on preparing for college auditions, ensemble etiquette, daily warm-ups, and more. Activities and classes in the pre-college program are designed to immerse students in a college music experience similar to that of a music student at the University of Illinois.

Pre-College Brass


For students completing grades 8-12.


Resident – $850 (includes housing and all meals)
Commuter – $550 (includes lunch M-F only)


Scott Tegge, Tuba Instructor
University of Illinois

Ben Carrasquillo, Trombone Instructor
Eastern Illinois University

Jessica Pearce, Horn Instructor
Eastern Illinois University

Zachary Gilbertson, Tuba Instructor

Nicole Gillotti, Trumpet Instructor

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