Black Chorus

June 23-29, 2024

Black Chorus

Program Description

Designed for all senior high vocalists, this program focuses on strengthening musicianship and acquiring individual artistry by exploring the unique treatment of the elements of vocal music by Black Americans in a choral setting. Students are exposed to a wide range of repertoire, including spirituals, hymns, anthems, gospel, jazz, pop, hip-hop, soul and R&B, and develop skills for the practice and performance of the vocal music of Black Americans. Classes include full ensemble and sectional rehearsals, masterclasses, group voice lessons, conducting/directing, and musicianship.

Program Description


For students completing grades 8 – 12.


Resident – $675 (includes housing and all meals)

Commuter – $475 (includes lunch M-F only)


Ollie Watts Davis, Conductor
University of Illinois

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