ISHC – Instrument and Storage Information

ISHC - Instrument and Storage Information

Harps will be available to practice on during scheduled times during the day for participants.

Lever harp participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own harps if they are not comfortable performing in class sessions on a pedal harp.

Private harps may be kept on campus if arranged for in advance with application; a key deposit form is required for authorized private harp owners.

Using a University owned Harp

For participants practicing on university instruments, please add a $60 harp usage fee to the tuition fee.

Private Harp storage

Private harp owners who store harps on campus will be required to complete and submit a key deposit form with credit card information upon check-in on the first day. Cards will not be charged unless a lost key requires a lock and key change for one of the harp storage rooms. Advance notice for private harp storage requests on campus is required at least 30 days in advance of the ISHC.

The University of Illinois and its officers, trustees, employees, agents, and volunteers are not responsible for damage to and/or theft of privately owned instruments that are used or stored on campus.

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