Application Process

Below are the general steps for applying to an undergraduate program. Each program has specific application requirements so be sure to follow the link to find detailed application steps for the program in which you are interested. 

1. Complete the University Application.

2. Complete the Music Supplement

3. Complete the Program Specific Requirements 

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
• Musicology Option
• Composition Option
• Music Technology
• Music+ (you choose!)

Bachelor of Music (BM)
• Composition-Theory
• Instrumental Performance
• Jazz Performance
• Musicology
• Open Studies
• Vocal Performance

Bachelor of Musical Arts (BMA)
 Lyric Theatre

Bachelor of Music Education (BME)
All concentrations

Bachelor of Science (BS)

• CS+Music (Computer Science)

4. Complete the Music Theory Diagnostic Test: Applicants who attend an on-campus audition/interview will complete the exam on site; all others must arrange for a proctor to administer the exam. Applicants wishing to engage a proctor must complete and return the Proctor Approval Form.

***Current UIUC students interested in changing or adding a music degree should follow the application steps outlined HERE.***
*Questions? E-mail us