Experimental Music Studios

Eli Fieldsteel, director

Experimental Music Studios

Internationally renowned for creative and technological advancements in the field of electroacoustic music, the Experimental Music Studios (EMS) are among the most advanced and well-equipped of any university in the country. Evolving to reflect innovations in music technology since its founding in 1958, EMS offers seven uniquely-designed studios, a broad spectrum of hardware and software, and a comprehensive curriculum, providing students with an exceptional array of resources for learning and creative endeavors.

Due to limited resources, EMS is not a publicly requestable facility; access is restricted to (1) undergraduate music majors in Composition, Music Technology, or CS+Music, (2) graduate students in Composition, and (3) students actively enrolled in certain EMS courses.


Mission Statement:

  • To educate undergraduate and graduate student composers and performers in the history, techniques, theories, composition, realization and performance of electroacoustic music, with primary focus on concert art music and the contemporary arts;
  • To provide an extensive education, awareness and experience with contemporary sound synthesis, recording, signal processing, and compositional techniques, enabling students to establish and maintain a leadership role in the contemporary electroacoustic arts, and;
  • To disseminate and maintain the highest professional standards for the instruction, creation, research and performance of electroacoustic and computer music.

A Sampling of Awards Won by EMS Students:

  • The American Dance Festival
  • ASCAP/SEAMUS Young Composer Commissions
  • BMI Composition Awards
  • Concorso Internazionale Luigi Russolo Foundation Competition, Italy
  • Gaudeamus International Composition Competition Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • International Society for Contemporary Music – National Composers Competition, New York
  • International Electro-acoustic Music Competition – Bourges, France
  • International Confederation of Electro-acoustic Music Awards – Bourges, France
  • Joseph Jefferson Theatre Awards, Chicago
  • Minnesota Composers Forum Awards
  • National Endowment for the Arts Awards and Grants
  • National Science Foundation Awards and Grants
  • Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States Honors
  • UNESCO Music and Technology Awards
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