Beginning Piano

Students will explore basic piano techniques and learn how to perform simple pieces on the piano. The class is taught in our Piano Lab with a specialist in beginning piano pedagogy. No prior piano experience is necessary.


Students will familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of interpreting a musical score in a way which reflects the specific indications in that score, and communicate the composer’s intentions to the performers. Led by experienced music conductors, students will learn basic conducing patterns and observe the conducting technique of other well-known conductors. This elective is designed for students with no prior experience in conducting.


Beginning guitar offers students the opportunity to explore basic guitar skills. You’ll learn hand positions, basic chords, and strumming patterns. By the end of the week, you’ll be able to perform simple tunes. Guitars will be provided and no previous experience is necessary.

Music Technology & Coding

Students will familiarize themselves with music production, electronic music, and audio-related technology. The course will introduce the fundamentals of creative processing, electro-acoustic composition, and live presentation of music online. In addition, students will learn introductory audio coding techniques using free audio programming languages, such as Sonic Pi and SuperCollider.

Music Theory

The Music Theory elective will help students understand basic musical functions. In general, music theory as a practical discipline encompasses the methods and concepts that composers and other musicians use in creating music.

Sound Recording

Students will familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of audio recording and editing.


Ukulele is quickly becoming a popular “jam” instruments for students. Learn how to perform basic skills and songs in this course designed for beginners. No previous experience necessary, and ukuleles will be provided by ISYM!


Yoga can help breath control, and promote health and relaxation. An excellent class for a nervous musician…

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