Registration and Tuition

Learn more about the 2023/2024 lesson fees for ICMA students.

Registration and Tuition

Spring Lessons

Lessons for spring of 2024 are available for the following instruments and voice:

  • piano
  • violin
  • viola
  • cello
  • guitar
  • flute
  • clarinet
  • trumpet
  • horn
  • trombone
  • tuba

Semester Fee Schedule

  • 30 minute lessons – $25.00 per lesson ($350 per semester)
  • 45 minute lessons – $36.00 per lesson ($504 per semester)
  • 60 minute lessons – $47.00 per lesson ($658 per semester)
  • Registration fee – $10 per semester*

*This fee is not charged for winter or summer enrollments. Students who enroll mid-year will be assessed the registration fee at that time.

Tuition is billed by semester. Each semester consists of 14 lessons.

Summer lessons are charged per-lesson; normally a minimum of four lessons and up to twelve lessons are arranged for the summer.

The purchase of music and other instructional materials is not included in the tuition fee.


The Illinois Community Music Academy does not utilize a credit system. Any lessons paid for and not received, with the exception of unexcused absences, during the semester will be refunded within 4 – 6 weeks from the date of the refund approval.

Please contact us directly at with any questions.

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