Paul Rolland Memorial String Award

Paul Rolland Memorial String Award

Eligibility: Open to currently enrolled Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and MM students majoring in violin. Freshman are eligible with their professor’s endorsement.

Competition Date: Friday, November 8, 2024, 2:00-6:00 PM

Application Process: Complete the Application Form (available here on October 1, 2024).

Application Deadline: Friday, October 25, 2024 at Noon

Competition Guidelines 

Repertoire questions should be directed to Professor Meg Freivogel.

A) All violin teachers of the String faculty and all violin majors will receive “Guidelines” to the “PRMSA” at the beginning of the second semester to allow time to choose material for the competition to be held the following Fall semester. In addition, announcements of the award will be posted on the appropriate bulletin boards to the end of each competition.

B) Auditions are only open to sophomores, juniors, seniors and master of music candidates who are majoring in violin at the University of Illinois. Students need not obtain faculty permission to audition. Freshman may enter with approval of their applied professor.

C) Auditions for the award will be held provided there is a minimum of eight applicants for the competition.

D) Each applicant will prepare:

1) The first movement of a standard concerto or concert piece,

2) A movement of a solo sonata or a suite in the Baroque style.

All works must be performed by memory.

Although applicants will be allowed 15 minutes of performance time, it is up to the judges to stop the performers. Participants may cut orchestra parts out of concertos to save performance time. However, they may not choose where and when to stop their performance at the competition. The judges may request certain parts of the compositions to be played. Participants will have to wait for the judges signal to stop their performance.

E) There will be three judges for the competition.

F) In no event shall the faculty, staff or any other member, or anyone associated with the School of Music serve as judges.

G) Participants will be totally screened off from the view of the judges. The judges must be seated above the audience if there is one.

H) Only numbers will be used to identify students at the competition and on its program. The instructor’s name will not appear on the program.

I) A winner may not reapply in the year following the year in which he or she wins the award.

J) Awards will be given in two categories, graduate school and undergraduate school, to only one winner in each category. The same amount will be allocated to each category. The total amount of funds available for the awards must be given each year the competition is held, and divided equally between the two categories, subject to provision of paragraph K. The award shall be made in the form of a check made to the winner(s) of the competition. It must be presented within 6 weeks of the competition. There will be no splitting of the awards.

K) In the event that the judges agree that no performance in a category is worthy of an award, the judges are free to make no award. In that event the entire sum for that category will be added to the following year’s competition award.

L) At the end of the competition the competition manager shall present a brief resume of Paul Rolland and his accomplishments essentially in the form attached to these guidelines.

M) The decision of the judges is final.

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