Voice & Guitar Lessons

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COVID-19 UPDATE: The Illinois Community Music Academy resumed in-person instruction in the Fall 2021 semester. We are accepting new students and offering free trials.   

Please contact us directly at music-pe@illinois.edu or by phone through the Office of Public Engagement at (217) 300-6444 with any questions.

Semester Fee Schedule

  • 30 minute lessons – $23.00 per lesson ($345 per semester).
  • 45 minute lessons – $33.00 per lesson ($495).
  • 60 minute lessons – $44.00 per lesson ($660).

Each semester consists of 15 lessons. Summer lessons are charged per-lesson; normally a minimum of four lessons and up to eight lessons are arranged for the summer. 

A $10 registration charge will be billed once per academic semester at the time of initial registration. This fee is not charges for winter or summer enrollments. Students who enroll mid-year will be assessed the registration fee at that time. 

The purchase of music and other instructional materials is not included in the tuition fee. 

Scheduling of Lesson Times and Missed Lesson Policy

Once the teacher assignment is made, lesson times are arranged at a mutually convenient time between the student/parent and instructor. Generally, lesson times occur Monday through Friday but not on weekends. Lessons will not be scheduled until a registration form, release form, and payment have been submitted. Once lesson times have been arranged between the instructor and student, parents or students who do not give advance notice will be charged for missed lessons. Advance notice is defined as 24-hour notice.

Occasionally, instructors must be away from campus. In such instances, lessons will be rearranged or taught by a substitute teacher. A student with chronic absences will be dropped from the program, and attendance at a minimum of 12 lessons per semester is required to maintain enrollment. Unexcused absences from lessons will not be made up and there will be no refunds for these lessons.

If it is necessary to cancel a lesson due to a family emergency or other extenuating circumstance, the instructor will offer a limited number of make-up lesson no later than two weeks after the last day of UI classes: up to 2 lessons per fall and spring semester/ 1 lesson per summer. Lessons not made up are not carried forward to future terms.


The Illinois Community Music Academy does not utilize a credit system. Any lessons paid for and not received, with the exception of unexcused absences, during the semester will be refunded within 4 – 6 weeks from the date of the refund approval.