We are scheduling for SUMMER session recitals only. Please read carefully:


Recital Policies & Procedures

Recital Length 

  1. Students should prepare no more than 60 minutes total performance time. Programs must fit into established recital times. 
  2. There must be a 20-minute intermission if the recital program is longer than 30 minutes. The hall should be emptied of performers during the intermission. 

Load in/load out 

  1. Each recital will have a 30-minute load in block.  (Recitals involving percussion or specialty/large set ups that require additional setup time will be handled on a case by case basis.) 
  2. Students should be efficient with load out and cleaning to give ample time for the next performer and to be courteous to building workers. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing 

  1. The performer is requested to do the following: 
    1. Wipe down any chairs, stands, and piano benches prior to using them with the provided alcohol wipes. 
    2. Wipe down any chairs, stands, and piano benches after the recital has concluded with the provided alcohol wipes. 
    3. Wipe down, with care, any a/v components and/or cameras, if touched. 
  2. A pianist, if used, is requested to wipe down the piano keys before and after use. Please do not use any wipes or sanitizer on the box of the piano. 

Stage Crew and Equipment 

  1. It is strongly recommended that the student have a friend/colleague assist with opening and closing the door, and volunteers to help wipe down the equipment. 
  2. The student operations crew will make sure there is access to the hall, make sure the performer has what they need, and will close the hall down. 
  3. The following equipment will be provided: 
    1. Piano, chairs, and stands. 
    2. An A/V desk with streaming camera, which may be used with Zoom and livestreaming (see below). Students who need training should please schedule an appointment with Dr. Mandel or Mr. Wahls. 
  4. Equipment that must be requested in advance (with the permission from the area professor) include harpsichord and period keyboard instruments, organs, and percussion instruments. “Live” sound support (more than a talking mic or a camera) must be provided by the audio department and is subject to availability. 


  1. Students are responsible for setting up their own livestreaming and/or recording of the recital. 
  2. Students may employ the services of the Audio Department, who will provide a quote upon request. ( to obtain a quote.) 
  3. Outside entities or businesses may not livestream or record the recital as they are not authorized to enter University buildings during the pandemic. 

Audience Attendance 

  1. The audience must be limited to individuals who have authorized building access through University of Illinois Shield and the Safer Illinois App/Boarding Pass. 
  2. The audience may not exceed posted capacity of each room, and physical distance seating protocol MUST be followed, regardless of family/social circle affiliation. 
  3. Audience members must exit the hall during intermission to allow for air cycling. Performers must exit the hall.

Receptionsand pre- and post-recital gatherings are NOT permitted. No food or drink allowed in concert halls.


  1. Please follow the established program submission guidelines below
  2. 35 printed programs are provided free of charge. 
  3. Programs may be shared digitally. 

Dress Rehearsal 

A one-hour dress rehearsal will be offered per recital. Students may book their dress rehearsal time at the same time as the recital booking. 

Performance Venues


Performance Venues and Mask Requirements - RECITALS ARE CONSIDERED INSTRUCTIONAL SETTINGS, AND ARE SUBJECT TO THE CDC AND UNIVERSITY GUIDANCE :  (while) "The university no longer will require fully vaccinated people to wear face coverings or practice social distancing indoors or outdoors, except in healthcare settings and in-person summer classes. “Fully vaccinated” means 14 days after their final dose." 

    Smith Recital Hall (preferred location for all recitals) 

    1. One performer may perform without a mask, provided they are not facing any other performers. All other performers must wear masks, and they must be at least 10 feet from the unmasked performer. (Please note, all performers must agree to this arrangement.)  
    2. The audience must be 30 feet from the unmasked performer.
    3. Performer should unmask ONLY just prior to bowing, and re-mask immediately following the concluding bow for each piece and prior to exiting the stage.
    4. In order to perform without a mask, you MUST test for COVID-19 the day prior to your recital and receive a result of "negative." Failure to be able to furnish the result will disqualify you from the mask exemption. No exceptions.

    Music Building Auditorium 

    1. One performer may perform without a mask, provided they are not facing any other performersAll other performers must wear masks, and they must be at least 10 feet from the unmasked performer. (Please note, all performers must agree to this arrangement.)   
      1. Audience will not be permitted.
      2. Adjudicating faculty and any technicians must remain 30 feet from the stage.
      3. Performer should unmask ONLY just prior to performing, and re-mask immediately following the concluding bow for each piece and prior to exiting the stage.
    2. If you choose to perform with a mask on, you may have a physically distanced audience within applicable room capacity.
    3. All other University and School of Music safety protocols still apply.

    Smith 25 (jazz only) 

    1. ALL performers must use masks. 
    2. No audience other than the adjudicating faculty may be present. 

    Smith Memorial Room 

    1. ALL performers must use masks. 
    2. Recital recording only, no audience.  

    Green Rooms will not be available so as to limit the required cleaning and sanitizing of those spaces. 

    Sign Up Procedure

    1. Students should log in to ATLAS:, and look under the calendar tab to find available times. Available time blocks are clearly marked on the calendar and are labeled “Recital Reservation Block.” You will not be able to make a request from ATLAS for your recital. You must make an appointment.
    2. Students should talk to their accompanist, studio instructor, and fellow performers to narrow recital options to a small date/time range. 
    3. Student should make a Zoom meeting with Dr. Mandel to schedule a time. 
    4. Once a time is reserved, Dr. Mandel will send out an approval request email to the faculty/staff required for your recital approval. 
    5. Once all approvals are received, the recital will be approved, and a confirmation email will be sent to the student. The recital is not approved until a confirmation is sent. 

    Recital Times

    Weekday Recitals: 

    5:30 PM

    5:00-5:30pm – Load in/warm up 

    5:30-6:00pm – Recital Part 1 

    6:00-6:20pm – Intermission 

    6:20-6:50pm – Recital Part 2 

    7:00-7:30pm – HALL VACATED 


    8:00 PM

    7:30-8:00pm – Load in/warm up 

    8:00-8:30pm – Recital Part 1 

    8:30-8:50pm – Intermission 

    8:50-9:20pm – Recital Part 2 


    Saturday Recitals: 

    11:00 AM

    10:30-11:00am – Load in/warm up 

    11:00-11:30am – Recital Part 1 

    11:30-11:50am – Intermission 

    11:50am-12:20pm – Recital Part 2 

    12:30-1:30p – HALL VACATED 


    2:00 PM

    1:30-2:00pm – Load in/warm up 

    2:00-2:30pm – Recital Part 1 

    2:30-2:50pm – Intermission 

    2:50-3:20pm – Recital Part 2 


    Sunday Recital: 

    5:00 PM

    5:00-5:30pm – Load in/warm up 

    5:30-6:00pm – Recital Part 1 

    6:00-6:20pm – Intermission 

    6:20-6:50pm – Recital Part 2

    Questions & Resources

    Dr. Nathan Mandel (Scheduling and approving) –; Appointments: 

    Mr. Chad Wahls (A/V training) – 

    Mr. Craig Deets (Piano Tuning) –; 

    Audio Department - 

    All of this information is also available on the Music Operations website:

    Student Recital CANCELLATION Policy

    All student recitals that are approved then cancelled are subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee. The fee will be levied by the School of Music Business Office through the Office of Student Accounts and Cashiers. The fine must be paid before another Recital Request can be made. A petition to waive this may be made to the Office of the Director, in conjunction with the approving major faculty member, in case of special circumstances.


    1. Students should send an email to Nathan Mandel with their name and the title/date/time/location of the recital you wish to cancel.
    2. Music Operations will cancel their Recital Reservation once approval is received from you instructor. Once a student cancels, they may not go back!
    3. The $50.00 cancellation fee will be applied to their University student account.


    Once your recital has been approved after all permissions have been obtained, you will need to submit your program to the Copy Center, and the livestream link no less than TWO-WEEKS prior by sending this information to Dr. Mandel (

    Program Templates can be found on the Operations and Facilities Website.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Students are required to pick up their programs from the Copy Center, which is behind the School of Music Reception area on the first floor.  You will receive an email from them when they are ready. There will be a $10 late fee for programs submitted after the two-week time frame. Must provide UIN to receive program services.

    Questions about your program? Contact the Copy Center.