Please read the information carefully before beginning the recital planning process. There is a lot of information, but the process is fairly easy! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask Dr. Mandel or the Operations Assistants for assistance.

(you are welcome to print this page for reference)

Recital Venues

Smith Recital Hall - 802 persons capacity

Smith Memorial Room - 54 persons capacity

Smith Room 25 - 160 persons capacity

Music Building Auditorium - 254 persons capacity

Established Recital Times

5:30 PM (17:30)

7:30 PM (19:30)

11:30 AM Saturdays/Sundays

1:30 PM Saturdays/Sundays (13:30)

3:30 PM Saturdays/Sundays (15:30)

Permitted Recital Dates

A) Beginning the first day through the last day of classes of each semesters.

B) Recitals may not be given on Reading Day.

C) No public performances during Finals Week.


Step 1:

1A) Talk to your professor, accompanist, any other accompanying musicians, and your family to get a couple of ideas for your timeline.

1B) Consider that you need to schedule a recital, warm up, and a dress rehearsal.

Step 2:


2B) There are two (2) ways to find available space: On the home page, start at “create a new request” and put in your request time and date. In the drop-down menu, you will see a list of rooms that are available. If you don’t see the hall you want it is because the hall is already booked and you will need to select a different hall or a different time/date.

2C) Or, start by selecting the ‘calendars’ tab when you log in: a) Scroll down to the venue you would like to request and click on it to reveal the room schedule; b) find an available time, and create a request by clicking on the "Create a New Request" link located above the calendar area; c) if Smith Recital Hall is your preferred location, you will need to come to MB 0330 in person to make a reservation request.

2D) Make the following requests:1) One request under UG, GR, DM Student Recital for the recital time; formatted as: UG/GR/AD Recital - First and Last Name, Instrument. (ex. UG Recital - Jon Smith, kazoo); 2) Second request under Recital Warm Up for 30 minutes prior to your recital start time; formatted as: Warm-up for Recital - First Initial and Last Name. (ex. Warm-up for Recital - J Smith, kazoo); and 3) If Smith Recital Hall is your preferred location, this will be done for you during your appointment.

Step 3:

3A) Print out the Recital Authorization Form for your area.

3B) Fill out the entire form and sign and initial where required. Obtain the other required signatures as listed on your area Recital Authorization Form

3C) Submit the form to MB 0330 within ten (10) business days of your initial request for confirmation. If your completed and signed form is not returned within 10 business days, your requested time will be released for others to request. You may give the form to Dr. Mandel, an Operations Assistant, or drop it through the mailslot on the MB 0330 door if we aren't in the office.


Recital Approval

Upon completion and submission of your Recital Approval Form, your recital will be reviewed, confirmed, and added to the SoM Events Calendar. You will then receive a detailed confirmation email with instructions on the next steps. Your recital is not confirmed until you have received the Confirmation Email. Please check the SoM Events Calendar for accuracy.



You may request a Dress Rehearsal within 3 weeks immediately preceding your confirmed recital date. You are allotted up to two hours (120 minutes). Individual exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis; please come see us.


Stage Crew is no longer provided free of charge for student recitals. It is the recitalist's responsibility to manage their own recital, including piano unlocking, moving equipment such as stage set up and changes, lights (via presets), and hall tear down. Stage Crew may be requested for a $30 fee on your Recital Approval Form. If Stage Crew is requested, scheduling is based on availability, and you will not be charged unless a student worker is available and assigned to manage your recital. The charge will be placed on your University Student Account.


You must create your own program. See "How to Submit Your Student Program" at the bottom of this page.


UNLOCKING: The 9 foot Steinway Concert Grands are kept locked. STUDENTS MUST PICK UP A PIANO KEY FROM MB 0330 BEGINNING 2 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THEIR RECITAL/DRESS REHEARSAL. The key is due back the business day immediately following their recital/dress.

TUNING: The concert pianos are tuned every two weeks. Students may request a supplemental/special tuning for their recital on the Recital Authorization Form, or by email at A $90 piano tuning charge applies. Piano Gr/AD/UG recitals should inquire separately regarding piano tunings to


RECORDING: Students will need to fill out the Recording Request Form through the audio department at least two (2) weeks prior to their confirmed recital. Prices may vary based on availability and recording package requested. Students may not pay for services rendered by outside individuals or companies for recital recordings. 

AUDIO SUPPORT FOR SOUND REINFORCEMENT: This is anything to do with instrument/vocal microphones, sound amplification, monitoring, Front-of-House audio engineering, audio production, etc. Students should contact Frank Horger either prior to requesting a recital date, or immediately upon confirmation of the recital date and time at Additional charges will apply based on availability and production requirements.

Audio Department support is REQUIRED to use the in-house PA system(s), and is strongly recommended if instrument/vocal microphones are needed, monitors, interactive electronics, and for recitals with instrument amplifiers, etc. Students may bring in their own PA system and run their own set up without the in-house systems. Music Operations does not offer support for advanced audio production.


Students may use the equipment in the audio/visual desk in the MBA, SRH, or S25 for audio file playback, video playback, lectures and presentations, Blu-Ray/DVD, and/or use the lecture microphone. (SMR does not have AV capabilities for lecture recitals) Prior to being issued an AV keys, students must email Chad Wahls ( for training on the AV system. Once training has been completed, the student may pick up an AV key within 2 business days of their confirmed recital and/or dress rehearsal. The key will be due back the business day immediately following their confirmed recital.


Students MUST obtain permission from Professor Charlote Mattax-Moersch ( prior to making a reservation request. Students must arrange for transportation of the harpsichord to and from the venue, and arrange tuning for the instrument. Additional fees will apply.


It is the recitalists responsibility to talk to the appropriate Faculty member for other items such as percussion, jazz equipment, or organ. For extra chairs and stands >5 or large set up needs, this should be communicated to the Properties Office no later than one week prior to the recital. Operations will assist you with having the appropriate access and know-how for this equipment.

Stage Crew is recommended for recitals requiring these needs.

Extra time for recitals is available on a case by case basis for reasons such as a PA set up, percussion moves, large set ups, etc. If you feel you need a longer load in time or recital time, please come to MB 0330 and discuss it with us.


The venue will be made open and available at least 10 minutes prior to the confirmed load-in/warm-up time by School of Music Staff. It is the student's responsibility to pick up a piano key using the piano key guidelines. It is the student's responsibility to pick up an AV desk key using the AV desk key guidelines. In the rare instance of an issue with access, you may email the Music Crew at Music Crew is on duty Sun - Fri from 18:30 to 20:00, and on Saturdays from 11:30 to 20:00.



1) Students must ask for a table on their Recital Approval Form, or via email to at least one week in advance of their recital;

2) Students MUST make sure that all trash is thrown out in the dumpsters behind the building, and clean up any spills or messes;

3) Please be aware of other recitals and activities in the building or vicinity, and be respectful regarding noise volume, area, etc.;

4) If your party is asked to quiet down or relocate, please immediately end the reception, clean up, and move elsewhere out of respect for others; and



All student recitals that are approved then cancelled are subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee. The fee will be levied by the School of Music Business Office through the Office of Student Accounts and Cashiers. The fine must be paid before another Recital Request can be made. A petition to waive this may be made to the Office of the Director, in conjunction with the approving major faculty member, in case of special circumstances.


1) Students should send an email to Nathan Mandel with their name and the title/date/time/location of the recital you wish to cancel – OR – they may use the request cancellation feature in the Music Scheduler.

2) Music Operations will cancel their Recital Reservation once approval is received from you instructor. Once a student cancels, they may not go back!

3) The $50.00 cancellation fee will be applied to their University student account.


All student recital programs must be submitted as a properly formatted word doc. to the School of Music Copy Center.  You will find the link to the format here.  If this is not received in the proper format, then it will be returned to you for revisions.You are also welcome to submit a pdf. in final print ready format.

All student programs must be submitted no less than two weeks prior. Thank you for your cooperation with this policy.

PLEASE NOTE:  Because the School of Music no longer offers a stage crew for the Music Building and Smith, students are required to pick up their programs from the Copy Center, which is behind the School of Music Reception area on the first floor.  You will receive an email from them when they are ready. There will be a $10 late fee for programs submitted after the two-week time frame. Must provide UIN to receive program services.

Questions about your program? Contact the Copy Center.