World Premiere of "Illini Anthem"

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A new and exciting collaboration is gaining traction on campus and in the community: Professor Lamont Holden and Jarrell Young wrote a track titled "Illini Anthem" and it is quickly gaining a huge following. They will perform the song together with the Marching Illini under the direction of Professor Barry L. Houser at Sights and Sounds on August 19th as well as the football season opener (Illini vs. Nebraska) on August 28th.

The hype song celebrates diversity and inclusivity as well as the rich traditions of Illini Athletics, and it is an exciting step of bringing Hip-Hop into a higher education setting. To read more about the creative process behind "Illini Anthem", please enjoy this recent article in the News-Gazette or take a listen on a special episode of WILL's The 21st (also available on Apple Podcasts). The episode also includes interviews with Professor Barry L. Houser, Professor Adam Kruse, and Professor Jeffrey Sposato, Director of the School of Music.

To learn more about the growing role of Hip-Hop in academia and the work to legitimize the genre in this setting, listeners can tune into another episode of The 21st titled "Hip-Hop in Academia" (also available on Apple Podcasts).

Photo Credit (Slider Image): Anthony Zillis, News Gazette


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