Maureen Reagan

Illinois and UK Researchers Team Up to Digitally Preserve Digital Performances

By Jodi Heckel, UI News Bureau

The Internet of Musical Events: Digital Scholarship, Community, and the Archiving of Performances,” known as InterMusE, aims to preserve access to the record of historical live musical performances through digital archiving of concert ephemera such as programs and posters. It also will collect oral history interviews with concertgoers.

The lead institution is the University of York. Project team members include musicologists, archivists, computer scientists and performance providers at several institutions, including Illinois information sciences professors and co-investigators Michael Twidale and J. Stephen Downie, who is also the co-director of the HathiTrust Research Center; co-investigator Maureen Reagan, the associate director for marketing at Krannert Center; and graduate student in musicology Kathleen McGowan. They will work with concert materials from various sources, including Krannert Center.

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Main image (L to R) of J. Stephen Downie and Maureen Reagan by L. Brian Stauffer; photo of Michael Twidale by Della Perrone

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