Featured Faculty at Midwest Clinic

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Several School of Music faculty will be featured in the 71st Midwest Clinic, to be held at McCormick Place in Chicago.

"It’s All About that Bass (Base): Developing a Solid Low Brass Foundation for Your Ensemble" will be presented by Professors Elliot Chasanov and Mark Moore. A discussion of building the strength of your ensemble through developing the low brass section. The discussion will include techniques relative to tone production, balance, blend and intonation. The clinic will include demonstrations of techniques utilizing low brass students from the University of Illinois.

Professor Stephen G. Peterson will be joined by several other colleagues in a panel-discussion sponsored by the Big-Ten Band Directors Association entitled "Karel Husa: A Retrospective." "Topics discussed will include Husa's work as a professor at Cornell University and Ithaca College, impact on composers, composition output, and Husa's influence on art music and performance."

Professor Emeritus Gary Smith will present a clinic "Typical Musical and Marching Problems and Solutions for the Modern Marching Band."

Alumni attending the Midwest Clinic are invited to attend a School of Music reception on Thursday, December 21 in the Adler room of the Hyatt Regency at McCormick Place.  

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