Graduate Choral Music Audition Requirements


1. Submit a repertory list to the "Program-Specific Questions" section of the Graduate College application.
2. Submit a prescreening video recording of approximately 15 minutes of a recent choral rehearsal or performance, with the camera focused on the conductor. Excerpts should include contrasting repertoire. Prescreening videos can be uploaded directly to your Graduate College application, and are due on Decmeber 1st.

A limited number of applicants are invited to campus. The live audition typically consists of an interview and a conducting audition.  The interview includes a conversation about the candidate’s background and aspirations, as well as his or her philosophy of teaching and knowledge of choral repertoire.  As part of the interview, candidates will demonstrate proficiency as both a singer (by performing a short art song or aria) and keyboardist (playing a piano work of at least the difficulty of a Bach two-part invention).  There will also be an evaluation of the applicant’s aural skills. For the conducting audition, the applicant will work with one of the choral ensembles, conducting a "performance" of a work the choir knows well, and teaching a new work.  Both pieces will be assigned.

The Music Admissions Office will send prescreening results around December 15.