Panel-Discussion - The Value of Indigeneity to Music, and Technology

13 Oct 2022 - 11:00am

An Exploration of the Value of Indigeneity to Music, and Technology: Learning from Each Other

11:00 AM–12:20 PM (note corrected time)

Bernhard Scully, Jessica Mingee, Dr. Ann Perry-Witmer, Alexandra Timmons, Dean Tommy Pozo, Prof. Arial Urquidi, Carlos Augusto Valdez, Xiomara Echeverria Ortiz.

In the Fall of 2022, UI Professors Bernhard Scully and Dr. Ann Perry-Witmer were chosen to be members of the ACES Global Academy. As part of their project collaboration, they along with their mutual student, Jessica Mingee, and Alexandra Timmons traveled to the Altiplano region of Bolivia to learn from Aymara communities in the areas of music and technology. They collaborated with faculty at Universidad Privada Boliviana and Foundation of Engineers in Action. Their work ultimately helped facilitate a training program that was implemented in the Aymara communities to help assist in the face of climate change. This presentation will include many of the collaborators in the cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary project and will be a recounting of the experiences they had.