Entrance Exams and Study Guides

Fall 2020 Entrance Exams

Monday, 17 August, 7-9 PM CDT: music history

Tuesday, 18 August, 7-10 PM CDT: music theory (includes score reading)

Wednesday, 19 August, 7-8 PM CDT: musicianship



Musicianship, Music Theory and Score Reading

Registration is required.  Register here: https://forms.illinois.edu/sec/3236745

Students are strongly encouraged to study and thoroughly prepare for the entrance exams. Failing one or more sections of the entrance exams may delay the sequencing of required academic coursework and thus slow down the progression to degree completion, in particular, the DMA. 

If you are a current University of Illinois Graduate Music Student continuing to a new degree program (i.e. MM to DMA), and you have previously completed the entrance exams, you have met the entrance requirements; you are exempt from taking the entrance exams.