CAMIL (Computer Assisted Music Instruction Laboratory) is located at the School of Music at the University of Illinois. It consists of two independent, multi-disciplinary Mac computer labs:

CAMIL I (MB 4033) is a special-purpose lab supporting computer music classes and independent research projects in software sound synthesis, computer-based composition and interactive performance control. CAMIL I is open for use during all Music Building hours and requires a key for access.

CAMIL II (MB 0324) is a general-purpose lab supporting music and technology-related classes.  It is open to all Illinois students, faculty and staff on a walk-in basis duing scheduled open hours.  Scheduled CAMIL II open hours for Spring 2019 are 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday.


  • For CAMIL access or scheduled use requests, or for any assistance in the labs, please contact the lab manager.
  • The schedule for both labs can be viewed on the School of Music's Atlas Music Scheduler (UIUC Active Directory authentication required.)
  • Several CAMIL-associated faculty, students and alumni have developed an wide range of open-source music software.
  • Incremental backup of user accounts on all CAMIL workstations occurs nightly. Backups are not guaranteed and users are encouraged to keep their own additional copies of important data.
  • For help with the A/V systems in either lab, or with self-recording or multichannel audio playback or Disklavier use in CAMIL I, contact the lab manager.