Bassoon Audition Requirements


Prospective students will be evaluated on their skills of tone production, intonation, musicality, lyrical playing, rhythmic accuracy, technical proficiency, and overall musical experience. The student will be asked to perform:

• Two or more contrasting movements from the standard solo repertoire (an etude is acceptable for one of these) that demonstrate lyrical playing and technical proficiency.

•  All major scales and chromatic scale (at least two octaves, preferably full range).

Undergraduate applicants who would like to submit a recorded audition should follow the steps outlined here: recorded audition. All students who submit a recorded audition will have a virtual interview with the faculty. Applicants can select their date preference on their supplemental music form.


• Mozart Bassoon Concerto in B flat, KV191 - first and second movements, with cadenzas.

• A 20th century work from the standard solo repertoire.

• 2 - 3 standard orchestral excerpts of the applicant's choice.

• All major and harmonic minor scales (preferably full range), and chromatic scale (preferably full range).

Graduate applicants who would like to submit a recorded audition should upload the audition directly to their Graduate College application. Graduate applicants who submit a recorded audition will also register for a virtual interview with the faculty. Applicants can register for their interview after submitting the Graduate College application.​