Non-Major Voice Lessons

Non-Major Voice Lessons

Fall 2022 information for NON–VOICE MAJORS

(MUSC 105 NM – applied voice lessons for non-voice majors)

All U of I students, including non-degree students, who wish to take private voice study as a non-voice major are asked to fill out an application. Please download and fill out this application, and email it to Prof. Ricardo Herrera.

If you are accepted to take voice lessons, you will be assigned to a Graduate Teaching Assistant for one thirty-minute lesson a week for two (2) hours credit. You cannot register for this course in advance of the audition. If you are a non-music major student, you will be assessed a nonrefundable fee of $400. Should you wish to take a one-hour lesson, the fee will be $800. The non-major fee will be added to your semester student fee account.

Questions? Please contact Prof. Ricardo Herrera.

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