Event Submission Form

A new event submission form for School of Music events, including ensemble concerts, guest artists, master classes, lectures & symposia, and studio recitals.

Deadline: at least three weeks before the date of your event.

Use this form for events on campus involving guests, particularly minors, even those that don't need to appear on the calendar, e.g. a clinic with high school students.

Student recitals are still handled separately through Nathan Mandel.

Event Submission Form

What you need before completing this form:

  • Confirmed reservation for your venue
  • Program information in Word doc format (Program listing, personnel, bios, program notes)
  • Stage set-up needs

This form will:

  • Send an alert to Craig Deets if you say you will use a piano.
  • Send an alert to SOM Events to add your event to the SOM website events listing and alert Music Operations to any special needs.
  • Send an alert to the Business Office if there is any money or payments involved. Note that payments should be arranged at least 8 weeks prior to the event.
  • Send you a link to request recording services. Note: Graham doesn’t get an email until you fill out the separate Recording Request form.
  • Send an email digest to Krannert Events for any event in KCPA.

The form will not:

  • Reserve a space
  • Confirm that you have recording services lined up

Anyone from the SOM (faculty, staff and students) may use the form. If a TA is completing the form, they should list a faculty member to have them CC’d on confirmation emails.

Events that are placed on the calendar in the February Krannert Planning Meeting can reasonably expect that Graham is already planning to record your concert. We ask you to follow up with the form to be safe.

Even if your event already appears on the SOM website, we ask you to complete this form for all upcoming events.

Your feedback is welcome.

Events Submission Form

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