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Winter 2020

Sonorities Cover 2020

A Look Inside the Completed Smith Memorial Hall Renovations

Revisiting the Heartland, with Bruno Nettl

Meet the New Director, A Q&A with Jeffrey Sposato




Past Issues

Winter 2019

sonorities cover 2019Sheila Johnson's Convocation Address

Rise of Hip-Hop at U of I

EMS Turns 60

Black Chorus Turns 50

History in the Making: Bands Turn 150!



Winter 2018

Sonorities Magazine Cover 2018

New degree bridges digital gap-CS + Music

Making Music Matter-Public Engagement


Winter 2017

Sonorities Magazine Cover 2017

UIUC Music Test Files
An article by Richard Colwell to accompany the Winter 2017 edition of Sonorities.


Cover Story "Always Something New"


sonorities cover 2012

Putting the Who in Music Education
"Brothers, Sing On!" The Illinois Varsity Men's Glee Club at 125 The New D.M.A.'s


Winter 2011
sonorities cover 2011


A Salute to Opera at Illinois
Confrence Addreses LGBT Issues
Meditations On Trumpet by Ronald Romm
"Who or What Tells You Who You Are:" Convocation Address by Joseph Flummerfelt


Winter 2010


sonorities cover 2010

Pacifica: An Exhibition of Musical Exhilaration
Legacy of Illinois Bands
Jeffrey Magee Uncovers Irving Berlin's 50 Years in Theater
Being in the Groove, Being in a Rut: Convocation Address by Dan Neuman


 Winter 2009

sonorities cover 2009

Origins of the Experimental Music Studios at Illinois: The Urbana School
Contemplating Musicology at Illinois and in the World
Still Young at Heart: ISYM at 60
Going Global: Ramping Up World Music at New Center
Reflections on People, Rocks, and Time: Convocation Address by Jeffrey S. Kimpton


Winter 2008sonorities cover 2008


Hired Gunns: Dynamic Duo Joins Music Faculty
Remembering Jerry Hadley
From the Prehistory of Ethnomusicology at the U of I
Exploring the Space Between the Notes: Convocation Address by Sheila C Johnson


Spring 2007

sonorities cover 2007

Brown, Orange, and Blue: Gamelan is Back at Illinois!
Poker Games and Liberation Classes
Jeffrey S. Kimpton: Educator for a Lifetime
Choice: Convocation Address by J. Richard Hackman


Winter 2006

sonorities cover 2006John Walter Hill's Baroque Music
It's Not Rocket Science: Jazz Engineer Dana Hall
Alumni Profiles: Starting at the Top: Four Violinist


Winter 2005

sonorities cover 2005

A Tale of Two Chips: Two Longtime Band Mates Reconnect to Enliven UI's Jazz Program
Giving: Zimmerman Foundation Funds Music Education
Musicology: Lessons From Native American Music


Winter 2004

sonorities cover 2004

Keith Wilson: Interwoven Threads of Harding's Legacy
Star Trek Scripts
Experiences in Iran


Winter 2003

Sonorities Magazine Cover 2003

Renowned Beethoven Scholar and Pianist Joins Faculty
A New Undergraduate Minor in Music
Mouthpiece Buzzers Have a Leader in Ronald Romm