Piano Audition Requirements


1. All major and harmonic minor scales in four octaves
2. At least one composition by J.S. Bach
3. At least one movement from a sonata by Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven
4. At least one composition from a composer of the Romantic period or 20th century
5. Harmonization of a familiar melody to be selected by the audition committee
6. Sight reading

Scales are to be played from memory. Candidates for the major in piano performance or piano pedagogy are required to play all audition repertoire from memory. All other piano candidates are required to play one composition by memory.


Audition Requirements: Applicants for the M.M. or D.M.A. must present an audition program approximately the length of a full recital, including; a major work from the Baroque period, a major work from the Classical period, a major work from the Romantic period, and a major work from the twentieth century to the present. Applicants will also be asked to sight-read.

Note: Piano Performance candidates may also apply for an Accompanying Assistantship.