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Student Composer Has Work Selected for Performance at International Conference

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M.O. Abbott, DMA student in Composition, has had a composition accepted for performance at the International Computer Music Conference in Shanghai.  

The work, entitled "I Said Top-Top," was produced with DISSCO, software developed at the U of I Computer Music Project.

According to one adjudicator "...the piece has a very established composition resource, the timbral and spatial results are articulated in a way that creates surprise and maintains attention." And another offered that "[t]he piece has a very distinct sound world and a very creative approach to sound organization."

M.O. is also the composer-winner of the 21st Century Piano Composition Competition. With pianist Whitney Ashe as performer, his compositions will be featured in concert in Foellinger Great Hall on February 15, 2018.

To learn more about M.O. visit the composer's website..

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