Martirano Awardees

Recent Winners

Joshua Hey, "I am in here" for violin and cello (First Prize)
Katherine Balch, "Prelude" for piano and cello (Second Prize)
Selim Goncu, "Widerklang" for bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, and cello (Third Prize)

2019 JURY
Darragh Morgan (violinist - London Sinfonietta, Smith Quartet, and Fidelio Trio)
Kerrith Livengood (Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Illinois)
Guido Sanchez-Portuguez (Lecturer of Guitar, University of Illinois)
Reynold Tharp (Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Music, University of Illinois)

David Clay Mettens, "Without Air" for flute, viola, cello, harp, and percussion (First Prize)
Charles Peck, "Sunburst" for piano quartet (Second Prize)

2018 JURY
Ivette Herryman Rodriguez (Visiting Professor, University of Illinois and Assistant Professor of Music, Western Illinois University)
Carla Scaletti (President, Symbolic Sound Corporation)
Stephen Taylor (Professor, School of Music, University of Illinois)
Sever Tipei (Professor, School of Music, University of Illinois)
Scott Wyatt (Professor Emeritus, School of Music, University of Illinois)

Oren Boneh, "Winter Walks That Gravel My Voice" for viola and chamber ensemble (First Prize)
Igor Santos, "Two Two" for chamber ensemble (Second Prize)
David Bird, "Drop" for string octet and strobe lights with electronics (Third Prize)

2017 JURY
Steven Everett (Dean of the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago)
Yayoi Uno Everett (Professor of Music, University of Illinois at Chicago)
Carlos Carrillo (Assistant Professor, School of Music, University of Illinois)
Erik Lund (Professor, School of Music, University of Illinois)
Heinrich Taube (Professor, School of Music, University of Illinois) 

James O'Callaghan, “Among Am A” for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and electronics (First Prize)
Nicola Straffelini, “Labyrinth Song” for piccolo, bass clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, and piano (Second Prize)

2016 JURY
Morgan Powell (Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois)
Benjamin Grosser (Assistant Professor, School of Art and Design, University of Illinois)
Lydia Khuri (Program Director, Global Crossroads, Health Professions, Intersections and Women in Math, Science, and Engineering Living-Learning Communities, University of Illinois)
Susan Parenti (Educational Coordinator at the School for the Design of a New Society)
Sever Tipei (Professor, School of Music, University of Illinois)

Previous Awards

Matthew Ricketts, “Flat Line” for 15 players (First Prize)
Anthony Vine, “For Agnes Martin” for 7 players and cassette tapes (Second Prize)

Nina C. Young, “Traced Upon Cinders” for 13 musicians (First Prize)
Aurélio Edler-Copes, “Encore Seule” for soprano and 5 musicians (Second Prize) 
David Coll, “Act” for soprano and 12 players (Third Prize)

Luís Antunes Pena, “im rauschen rot” for cb., perc. quartet and electronics (First Prize)
Daniel Moreira, “The King from Papatua” for ensemble and baritone (Second Prize) 
Alexander Khubeev, “Sounds of the dark time” for ob., cl., bsn., pno., 2 vls., vla. and vc. (Third Prize)

Michael Seltenreich, “Sparks and Flairs” for fl., cl., perc., pno., vn. and vc. (First Prize)
Stephen Yip, “Dark Side of the Shadows” for bass cl., vc., and pno. (Second Prize)

Louis Franz Aguirre, “Ochosi” for string quartet (First Prize)
Marcin Stanczyk, “Nibiru” (Second Prize, 
Julien-Robert Legault Salvail, “Chute libre” (Third Prize)

Josep Maria Guix, “Evening Wind” four haikus for chamber ensemble (First Prize)
Alexandre Lunsqui, “Drawings for Ibere” (Second Prize) 
Samuel Nichols, “Refuge” (Third Prize)
Carlos Michans, "Trois Visions Tantriques"(Honorable Mention)

Michael Klingbeil, “Tear of the Clouds” (First Prize)
Vladimir Rannev, “Variations on an Impulse” (Second Prize) 
Geoff Knorr, “Of Consonance and Contention” (Honorable Mention)
Christopher Bailey, "Walking Down the Hillside at Cortona, and Seeing its Tower Rise Before Me"(Honorable Mention)

Abel Paúl, “fragmentos del vértigo” (First Prize)
Sungji Hong, “Shades of Raindrops” (Second Prize)
Carl Bettendorf, “Inner Life” (Third Prize)

Takeo Hoshiya, “Instability Principle” (First Prize)
So Jeong Ahn, “Ssa-reng, ui...”(Second Prize)
Christopher Arrell, “Argot” (Honorable Mention)

Douglas Boyce, “102nd & Amsterdam” (First Prize)
Jorge Garcia del Valle Mendez, “seok yang jong” (Second Prize)
Calogero Panvino, “Sonata 101” (Honorable mention)
Nicholas Paul Vines, “Dolmen for a New Albion” (Honorable Mention)

2005  Steven Rice, “Murmurs from Limbo”

2004  Robert Yamasato, “Scherzo”

2003  Edward Top, “String Quartet”

2002  Yumiko Juvigny, “Out of Dark Lair”

2001  Orlando Jacinto Garcia, "Paisaje del Sonido II

2000  Sophia Serghi, "Sizzle"

1999  Craig T. Walsh, "0 to 33 in 1045.5" and Keith Moore, "A Vagrant on Every Floor"

1998  Karim Al-Zand, "String Quartet"

1997  Jason Eckardt, "Echoes' White Veil"