Lyric Theatre Audition Requirements


Lyric Theatre

• Sing two contrasting song selections (32-bars each; one of the two selections should be lyrical in nature).
• Perform a one-minute monologue.
• Musicianship assessement (no preparation required).

Additionally, please print out a performance resume and bring it to your audition. Your resume should include the following:

  1. All performance experience (productions, workshops, masterclasses)
  2. All dance experience
  3. All relevant musical experience (Do you play an instrument? Have you taken Music Theory?)

Should you have questions concerning these requirements, please contact Professor Sarah Wigley.

Undergraduate applicants who would like to submit a recorded audition should follow the steps outlined here: recorded audition. All students who submit a recorded audition will have a virtual interview with the faculty on one of the auditions dates. Applicants can select their date preference on their supplemental music form.