Jan 24

A free workshop led by Prof. Eli Fieldsteel open to all students.

Free Event
Jan 24

Works by Fieldsteel, Joel Love, jodi Blackshaw, Percy Grainger and Steven Bryant.

Other Peoria, IL
Jan 25
Other Cheminee Ballroom, Pere Marquette Hotel, Peoria, IL
Free Event
Jan 28

Ciphering Song, De-ciphering Identity: The Libro de Cifra Nueva and the Mediation of Identity and Sound in Early Modern Spain.

Other MB 0325
Free Event
Jan 31

Audible Cosmology: Belfries, Minarets, and the Sounding of Ethnoreligious Sentiment in Post-2000 Bulgaria

Donna Buchanan
Musicology Division, CAS Associate 2017-18

Bring your lunch for a noonhour exploration of some of the best scholarship produced at the University of Illinois.

Professor Buchanan’s paper concerns how the interface of the everyday and the cosmological in postsocialist Bulgaria is being sounded, heard, and enacted through cultural performance.

Other Levis Faculty Center - Music Room
Free Event
Feb 07

The pairing of music and movement inspired this program by the quartet-in-residence at the University of Illinois. R. Murray Schafer’s String Quartet No. 6, “Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane” builds upon the series of 108 movements of the Chinese martial art Tai Ji.