Wind Orchestra

Barry L. Houser, conductor
MUSC 481
TR 1:00-2:50 PM
141 Harding Band Building

Comprised of approximately sixty undergraduate and graduate students who have attained an exceptional level of proficiency on their instruments, the Wind Orchestra is the second artistic concert band of the University of Illinois band program. Like the Wind Symphony, the Wind Orchestra performs large and chamber wind repertoire, new and contemporary music, and has a specific curricular design focused on a variety of styles throughout the year. The ensemble works on the flexible "pool" concept so that each work in the curriculum is staffed with the instrumentation that the composer envisioned.

The Wind Orchestra rehearses four hours per week, generally presents two concerts per semester, and also collaborates with other public school ensembles in the state. The performance range of this ensemble includes campus, local area, and statewide events. The Wind Orchestra is open to music majors and non-majors by audition.