Jazz Trombone Ensemble

Jim Pugh, director
MUSC 495 JT1 
MW 6:00-7:20 PM
25 Smith Memorial Hall

MUSC 495 JT2
MW 7:30-8:50 PM
25 Smith Memorial Hall

The University of Illinois Jazz Trombone Ensembles, under the direction of Professor Jim Pugh, were formed in the fall of 2006 with one basic ensemble of a select number of trombones with rhythm section.  Over time and by trying out various numbers of trombones, the ensemble finally settled in comfortably at five trombones, piano, guitar, bass and drums.  Needing to serve more interested trombonists in the School of Music, a second second ensemble was formed in 2010 and is directed by the Jazz Trombone Teaching Assistant.  

The Jazz Trombone Ensembles came to international prominence upon winning the International Trombone Association Kai Winding Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition in 2012.  They have also won the National Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition twice in 2012 and 2013.  In addition to playing at local venues and as part of the Jazz Division concerts, they have performed at the Paris Conservatory (International Trombone Festival, 2012), at Eastern Trombone Workshops (Ft. Myer, VA 2012, 2013) and at the Jazz Educators Network Conference (Atlanta, 2013).  The Jazz Trombone Ensembles predominantly play music written by its own members, giving it a unique sound and a highly specialized repertoire. 

For more information, contact Prof. Jim Pugh.