Introductory Music Technology

June 23-29, 2024

Introductory Music Technology

Program Description

The Introductory Music Technology program is designed for students who have a budding interest (but little to no prior experience) in songwriting, music production, electronic music, and audio-related technology. The curriculum is designed to introduce the fundamentals of audio recording, editing, creative signal processing, and electro-acoustic composition and mixing. Over the course of the program, students will compose a new electronic composition to be presented in concert at the end of the week.

Resident Fee – $850

Commuter Fee – $550

Introductory Music Technology


  • For students completing grades 8-12.
  • For students interested in getting started with music technology.
  • No prior experience in music technology or music composition necessary.
  • Students will have access to a campus computer lab and headphones will be provided, however, students are welcome and encouraged to bring their own computers and headphones, if preferred.
  • Students bringing their own computers should have the ability to install additional free audio software.


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