EMS - 50th Anniversary

A 4-CD set in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios (1958-2008)


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MP3 Format of the Compositions from the CD for Auditioning Purposes

Please note: these compositions are copyrighted by the composer or pubisher. All rights are reserved by the copyright holder. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Composer contact information is provided so that you may get in touch with the composer directly to arrange performances of his/her work.

Disc 1

  1. Vocalise from Seven Electronic Studies for Two-channel Tape Recorder - Lejaren A. Hiller
  2. IBM 7094: early sound synthesis example
  3. of gray twilight - Scott A. Wyatt (s-wyatt@illinois.edu)
  4. Agoraphobia - Stephen Taylor (staylor7@illinois.edu)
  5. Figurations - Mei-Fang Lin (lin_66_2000@yahoo.com)
  6. Time Passed - Ed Martin (martin@uwosh.edu)
  7. Electric Ice - Maggi Payne (maggi@mills.edu)
  8. Shiver - Steve Everett (steve3@uic.edu)
  9. Still Standing Still - Linda Antas (linda.antas@montana.edu)
  10. Predictions, confirmations & Disconfirmations - David Rosenboom (david@calarts.edu)
  11. Hanging On A Fallen Leaf - Ming-ching Chiu (percle@gmail.com)
  12. SONORA - Charles Norman Mason (c.mason@miami.edu)

Disc 2

  1. CSX-1: early sound synthesis example
  2. U-TURN-TO - Herbert Brün (www.smith-publications.com)
  3. LilDaria - Sever Tipei (s-tipei@illinois.edu)
  4. EvenMoreduSt - Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner (ehinkle@unt.edu)
  5. Young American Inventions Redux - Steven L. Ricks (stevericksmusic@gmail.com)
  6. Absolute Zero - Daniel Swilley (dswilley@gmail.com)
  7. Where is My Voice? - Mara Helmuth (mara.helmuth@uc.edu)
  8. Final Winter - Marcus Engelmann (mengelmann@hancockcollege.edu)
  9. iff - Ju Ri Seo (seojuri@yahoo.com)
  10. Still Life and Landscape - Andrew Walters (awalters@mansfield.edu)
  11. Phreximus - Paul Oehlers (pauloehlers@comcast.net)
  12. Low End (omaggio:CM) - Glenn Hackbarth (hackbarth@asu.edu)

Disc 3

  1. Lemon Drops - Kenneth Gaburo (pogal@pogus.com)
  2. Streams and Impulses - James Beauchamp (jwbeauch@manfred.music.uiuc.edu)
  3. planes, terrains & auto-mobiles - Erik Lund (eriklund@illinois.edu)
  4. Four Voice Canon #23a for Charles Dodge - Larry Polansky (larry.polansky@dartmouth.edu)
  5. Tensile Strength - Kyong Mee Choi (kchoi@roosevelt.edu) and Timothy Johnson (timothy.ernest.johnson@gmail.com)
  6. Triptych X - Anthony Barata
    Professor Barata prefers not to have his composition in mp3 format. Contact him directly at: abarata@calpoly.edu
  7. Welding - Mary Ellen Childs (melchilds@comcast.net)
  8. Recollection - Michael Pounds (mspounds@bsu.edu)
  9. Gravitational Altitude Correction - Jason Mitchell (jason.holt.mitchell@gmail.com)
  10. excerpt from Cyclonic - Carla Scaletti (carla@symbolicsound.com)
  11. Limosa - Brian Evans (www.brianevans.net)

Disc 4

  1. Museum Piece - Ben Johnston (bburwellj@gmail.com) with Jaap Spek (www.smith-publications.com)
  2. SalMar at IRCAM excerpt - Salvatore Martirano
  3. Breakpoint Screamer - Zack Browning (zbrownin@illinois.edu)
  4. Name Droppings - Brian Belet
    Professor Belet prefers to have only the first minute of Name Droppings in mp3 format. Contact him directly at: beletmusic@sbcglobal.net
  5. Circadian Rhythm - Tsai-yun Huang (judy.huang@gmail.com)
  6. Appassionata - Michael Drews (mdrews@iupui.edu)
  7. silica - Jake Rundall (rundallj@yahoo.com)
  8. Transformation - Daesoon Hwang (compoclass@gmail.com)
  9. Layers - John Melby (jbmelby@johnmelby.com)
  10. Amazing Grace - Heinrich Taube (taube@illinois.edu)
  11. Peroration from Seven Electronic Studies for Two-Channel Tape Recorder - Lejaren A. Hiller