History of EMS

The Experimental Music Studio was founded in 1958 by Lejaren Hiller, who believed that science and technology would play a crucial role in the evolution of music composition. The EMS was the first formally acknowledged electro-acoustic facility in the US, and has since become one of the most prolific and noteworthy facilities of its kind worldwide.

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Scott Wyatt (Professor Emeritus of Composition) served as director of the Experimental Music Studios for forty years, retiring from the position in May 2016. During this time period he commissioned more than 85 compositions by students and faculty, with their compositions included on 5 vinyl records and 9 compact discs released from the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios and mailed to more than 600 colleges, universities, and art centers worldwide. Since 1975, Wyatt designed, redesigned, and built more than 40 different studio facility renovations that comprised the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios. Many of his former students now serve as directors of university computer music centers and engineers within academic music and the commercial audio industry. Wyatt's primary research and creative interests have been focused on eight-channel sound spatialization techniques.

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