Doctor of Musical Arts

The fields of concentration for the Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) degree are:

• Choral Music
• Composition
• Jazz Performance
• Orchestral Conducting
• Performance and Literature
• Vocal Coaching and Accompanying​
• Wind Band Conducting

In the fields of vocal accompanying & coaching, composition, jazz performance, and performance and literature, 16-24 graduate hours are devoted to a special doctoral project. Composers must produce a large-scale original score. Performers must demonstrate comprehensive repertory study in the form of two solo recitals or one solo recital and two of the following options: performing a concerto, a major operatic or oratorio role, or a chamber music program; giving a lecture-recital; or preparing and, when appropriate, conducting a concert by an instrumental or vocal ensemble. Those majoring in one of the string instruments must also present a recital of chamber music. Students in vocal accompanying and coaching must give four recitals, one of which must be chamber music. In addition, both fields have a research requirement that serves in lieu of a thesis. In the field of choral music, 4 graduate hours are given for the preparation and presentation of a one-hour program representative of a comprehensive repertory, and 16 graduate hours are devoted to the writing of a thesis.

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