Bachelor of Science - CS+Music

The Bachelor of Science option in Computer Science and Music (CS+Music) is a program for undergraduate students who plan to pursue a career in music technology, as well as students that want to push the state-of-the-art in music composition and explore new avenues of expression.


There is no denying that music technology has implicitly shaped our lives in many significant ways. Digital telephony, compact disks, perceptually compressed media, peer-to-peer communications, recommendation systems and many more hugely successful technologies that are widely in use today can trace their beginnings in technological attempts to store, transmit, synthesize, improve and share musical audio. Additionally, the commercial volume from music technology is measured in the many billions of dollars per year and has helped create some of the most powerful high-tech brands (e.g. Apple via the iPod, Sony via the CD and the Walkman, Motorola via their Car Radios, HP via their synchronizing oscillators, etc.). This degree will prepare students for advanced study at the graduate level for many existing programs on music and audio technology, as well as equip them with the proper skills to successfully join and lead a vibrant workforce community centered around the creation and distribution of entertainment media through constantly evolving technological platforms.

Current University of Illinois students interested in applying to the CS+ Music degree should review the intercollege transfer requirements here.

Bachelor of Science - CS + Music Requirements

Music Core Requirements   
Fine and Applied Arts Orientation   
FAA 101 – Arts at Illinois 1 hr
Music Theory and Musicianship Courses  
MUS 101, 102, 201 – Music Theory and Practice I, II, III 7 hrs
MUS 107, 108, 207, 208 – Musicianship I, II, III, and IV 7 hrs
Music History and Literature Core Courses  
MUS 110 – Intro to Art Mus: International Perspectives 2 hrs
MUS 313 and 314 – The History of Music I and II 6 hrs
Performance Studies Core Courses  
MUS 172 and 173 – Group Instruction in Piano for Music Majors I and II 4 hrs


CS + Music Core Requirements  
Required Music Courses  
MUS 105 and 205 – Computation and Music I and II 4 hrs
MUS 299 – Thesis Adv/UG Honors 2 hrs
MUS 404 or 448 – Contemporary Composition Techniques or Computer Music 2-3 hrs
MUS 407 – Electroacoustic Techniques I 3 hrs
MUS 409 – Electroacoustic Techniques II 2 hrs
MUS 4xx – Advanced musicology course 3 hrs
MUS 4xx – Advanced music theory course 3 hrs
Required Math and Computer Science Courses  
CS 125 – Intro to Computer Science 4 hrs
CS 126 – Software Design Studio 3 hrs
CS 173 – Discrete Structures  3 hrs
CS 225 – Data Structures 4 hrs
CS 233 – Computer Architecture 4 hrs
CS 241 – System Programming 4 hrs
CS 361 – Probability and Statistics for Computer Science 3 hrs
CS 374 – Introduction to Algorithms & Models of Computation 4 hrs
CS 421 – Programming Languages & Compilers 3 hrs
CS 498 – Special Topics: Audio Computing 3 hrs
ECE 402 – Electronic Music Synthesis 3 hrs
MATH 220 or MATH 221 – Calculus or Calculus I 5 or 4 hrs
MATH 225 – Introductory Matrix Theory 2 hrs
MATH 231 – Calculus II 3 hrs