Bachelor of Music - Open Studies

The Bachelor of Music in Open Studies permits qualified students to explore areas of specialization according to their unique experience and musical interests, such as jazz, piano pedagogy, electric strings, musical theatre, arts administration, foreign language, etc. A type of student-designed major, Open Studies is available through petition to an admissions administrative committee. 

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The BM in Open Studies requires completion of the common requirements for all Bachelor of Music degrees including general education courses and the BM Music Core.  In addition, students follow their Open Studies Core and select the appropriate elective courses chosen in accordance with an adviser for a total of at least 130 credit hours. In order to be considered for acceptance into the BM in Open Studies, students must pass an audition for acceptance into an applied study program.

Bachelor of Music in Open Studies: Music Core Requirements

Music Theory Core Hours 
MUS 101, 102, 201 and 202 - Music Theory and Practice I, II, III, and IV 8
MUS 107, 108, 207 and 208 - Aural Skills I, II, III, and IV 7
Advanced music theory (chosen in consultation with an advisor) 6
Music History and Literature Core Hours
MUS 110 - Introd Art Mus: Intl Perspect 2
MUS 313 and 314 - The History of Music I and II 6
Advanced music history (chosen in consultation with an advisor) 6
Performance Studies Hours
MUS 172 and 173 - Group Instruction Piano for Music Majors I and II
    or MUS 454 - Advanced Keyboard Skills I (keyboard majors) 
MUS 242 - Elements of Conducting 2
MUS 2xx - Ensembles 8


Open Studies Area Core Requirements

Open Studies Core  Hours 
Applied Major (lessons) 12
Upper level music courses (300-400-level) 18
Professional courses (courses outside the School of Music) 9-34
Senior Project  1