CS + Music

CS MusicThere is no denying that music technology has implicitly shaped our lives in many significant ways. Digital telephony, compact disks, perceptually compressed media, peer-to-peer communications, recommendation systems and many more hugely successful technologies that are widely in use today can trace their beginnings in technological attempts to store, transmit, synthesize, improve and share musical audio. Additionally, the commercial volume from music technology is measured in the many billions of dollars per year and has helped create some of the most powerful high-tech brands (e.g. Apple via the iPod, Sony via the CD and the Walkman, Motorola via their Car Radios, HP via their synchronizing oscillators,...). This degree will prepare students for advanced study at the graduate level for many existing programs on music and audio technology, as well as equip them with the proper skills to successfully join and lead a vibrant workforce community centered around the creation and distribution of entertainment media through constantly evolving technological platforms.