CAMIL Software

The University of Illinois School of Music is a leading producer of open source music software. Here is a partial listing of open source software hosted by CAMIL and to other ongoing open source projects by faculty and students of the School of Music at the University of Illinois.


  • Belle, Bonne, Sage, a device independent music notation library. Developed by William Andrew Burnson.

  • Brick, an audio resampler, pitch-shifter, and converter. Developed by William Andrew Burnson.

  • Chorale Composer, application for interactive music theory instruction using device independent notation and automatic theory extraction featuring the complete set of Bach Chorales. Developed by Halim Beere, William Andrew Burnson, Rachel Mitchell, and Heinrich Taube.

  • Common Music, a graphical, real-time algorithmic music composition environment. Developed by Heinrich Taube.

  • DISSCO (Digital Instrument for Sound Synthesis and Composition), a unified approach to music composition and digital sound synthesis from first principles (additive synthesis). Developed by Sever Tipei with improvements made by William Andrew Burnson and Ming-ching Chiu.

  • FOMUS, an application that automates many musical notation tasks for composers including intelligent MIDI to score conversion. Developed by David Psenicka.

  • Grani+, an extension to Grani (granular synthesis) for Common Music providing complete control over the parameter envelopes. Developed by Kurt Werner.

  • MENC, a small yet expressive library for encoding common music information (notes, intervals, ratios, etc.) as C++ templated bit fields. Developed by William Andrew Burnson and Heinrich Taube.

  • Music Analysis Synthesis Software, software for musical sound synthesis, analysis, modification, and resynthesis. Developed by James Beauchamp.

  • MyPic, a tool for computer-assisted algorithmic composition. Developed by Daniel Swilley.

  •, the C++ library with serious style. Developed by William Andrew Burnson.

  • SetFinder, an online JavaScript pitch-class set calculator. Developed by Stephen Andrew Taylor.


The following people (and many others not listed here) have been directly involved in the above projects:

  • James Beauchamp, (Professor Emeritus of Composition-Theory and Electrical Engineering, website)

  • Halim Beere (Composition-Theory, M.M. & D.M.A.)

  • William Andrew Burnson (former CAMIL administrator, Composition-Theory, M.M. & D.M.A.)

  • Ming-ching Chiu (Composition-Theory, M.M. & D.M.A.)

  • David Psenicka (former CAMIL administrator, Composition-Theory, D.M.A.)

  • Jake Rundall (former CAMIL administrator, Composition-Theory, D.M.A.)

  • Daniel Swilley (D.M.A.)

  • Heinrich Taube (Associate Professor and Chair of Composition-Theory, website)

  • Stephen Andrew Taylor (Associate Professor of Composition-Theory, website)

  • Sever Tipei (Professor of Composition-Theory, website)

  • Kurt Werner (Acoustics, Composition-Theory, General Engineering)