Undergraduate Degrees in Musicology

Musicology faculty advise undergraduate degrees Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Music (BM) in ethnomusicology and music history.

Students in the BM program are required to pass an audition for admission, take weekly lessons, and perform in ensembles. BA students are not required to pass an audition yet have the option of taking lessons and performing in ensembles. Some BA musicology students complete double degrees while at the U of I, and musicology majors in the BA and BM programs often pursue minors in other subjects. There are opportunities for studying abroad too. 

Both undergraduate degrees combine a humanistic approach typical of a liberal arts degree, with a focus on communication, critical thinking and listening, and global awareness. A list of our current faculty can be found here. We encourage our majors to participate in ensembles, including Balkanalia and the Brazilian Ensemble, and to take courses outside of the School of Music in areas of interest.  

Undergraduate degrees in Music can lead to a wide variety of jobs and careers.


The thing I value most from my studies in musicology at the U of I is that it empowered me to examine the meaning of music in my life and in the life of others” (Former BA student)

“An education such as that from the Musicology program provides exposure to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion which is crucial for careers in all sectors”  (Former BA student)

“What I think is great about the programs here is there’s both excellent breadth and depth. The faculty are leading scholars in their particular areas, but also have expertise in other areas which leads to a variety of high-quality classes and resources (including library collections) that are available to students.”   (Former BA student)

Please see the Program Explorer for admissions statistics about Musicology.