Tuba Audition Requirements


The candidate should demonstrate good embouchure resulting in comfortable playing in all registers, a good concept of sound, a strong sense of rhythm, and a steady tempo. The student will be asked to perform:

A solo, movements from a sonata or concerto, or etudes, demonstrating lyrical phrasing and technical proficiency.

Undergraduate applicants who would like to submit a recorded audition should follow the steps outlined here: recorded audition. All students who submit a recorded audition will have a virtual interview with the faculty on one of the auditions dates. Applicants can select their date preference on their supplemental music form.


Applicants should prepare three selections, including one sonata, one concerto, and one unaccompanied composition. Repertoire should be selected from at least two musical periods.

Graduate applicants who would like to submit a recorded audition should upload the audition directly to their Graduate College application. Graduate applicants who submit a recorded audition will also register for a virtual interview with the faculty on one of the audition dates. Applicants can register for their interview after submitting the Graduate College application.​