Summers-Only MME

Deadline for University Application and supplemental materials is February 15. 

This program is designed for individuals who wish to remain in their current academic-year teaching positions while taking advantage of summer coursework. The degree program can be completed in three summers. In 2019, students will need to be on campus from June 10 - August 3. With the assistance of the Summer Graduate Program Coordinator, students select courses taught by regular faculty in the Music Education Division as well as faculty from the School of Music. A few additional considerations apply to Summers-Only students.

  • Applied lessons and independent study are not offered during summer terms without the approval of the Director of the School of Music.
  • Applicants to the Summer-Only MME program may wish to apply for work related to the Illinois Summer Youth Music (ISYM) program. If selected, MME students who serve as counselors qualify for assistantships, which include a tuition waiver and stipend. The application for ISYM work is separate from the application for the Summer-Only MME.
  • MME students who concurrently work as ISYM (Illinois Summer Youth Music) counselors may enroll for a maximum of 8 credits per term. Exceptions to this policy can be made to the Summer Graduate Program Coordinator.
  • Attendance during the summer term is essential to maintain the coherence and academic rigor of the program. MME students should plan to attend courses for the entire term without conflicts such as job demands, personal engagements, or other commitments.
  • Occasionally, courses during the academic year may fit the summer MME student’s program. Permission to enroll in these courses during the regular academic year must be granted by the Graduate Program Coordinator.

For further questions, contact Dr. Bridget Sweet, MME Advisor.