Debra Richtmeyer

Prof. Richtmeyer Publishes Two-Volume Saxophone Method

Illinois Saxophone Professor Debra Richtmeyer has released The Richtmeyer Method for Saxophone Mastery. Published in two volumes by Theodore Presser, Richtmeyer's method is the culmination of five years of work, and draws on a notable career as a pedogogue of the saxophone. 

Connie FrigoRichtmeyer writes: “A huge thank you to Dr. Connie Frigo [pictured] for helping me to put my method for practicing, performing and teaching with artistic intention in a format that will serve all levels of saxophonists, doublers and teachers. Writing this book has been an intense labor of love...and we can’t wait to share it with our students and all of you!"

"To work with Debra Richtmeyer in any capacity is to experience Artistry. It's inescapable, which users of this book will quickly find out. I remain in awe of the depth of this book - Professor Richtmeyer's magnum opus. This full-blown curriculum showcases her brilliantly intuitive and transformative teaching method from fundamentals to pedagogy to her signature practicing strategies to performance readiness. Saxophonists have gained a monumental and comprehensive resource that is without rival.”

- Dr. Connie Frigo, Professor of Saxophone, University of Georgia (MM, Illinois) 

Volume One | Volume Two at 

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