Olivia Byrd and Sarah Wigley

LTI Makes a Splash in NYC

Students and faculty recently showcased their talents at the eighth annual Prototype Festival in New York. Billed as the premier festival of music-theatre and opera-theatre, PROTOTYPE: Opera | Theatre | Now presented six new works representing 23 composers and libretists. 

Sophia Byrd (Junior Lyric Theatre BMA) performed the role of Eve in Rev23, at the Gerald W. Lynch Theatre, NYC January 17th and 18th. "Lauded as an “an endlessly unfolding chain of highly controlled polystylism” (Boston Musical Intelligencer), Julian Wachner’s REV. 23 is an exploration of an “unpublished” new chapter of the Book of Revelation. With an audacious libretto by Cerise Lim Jacobs, this new striking production by director James Darrah takes us on a fantastical journey through the myths of our collective unconscious."

Professor Nathan Gunn performed in Ellen West at the Gelsey Kirkland Performing Arts Center, NYC January 14th-19th. From the review in OperaWire "[Nathan] Gunn...brought his Grammy Award-winning, rich voice to the weighty role, or rather, roles since he takes on three: Poet-Frank, Dr. Binswanger, and Ellen’s husband. A lesser artist could easily stumble moving from one to the other, or perhaps worse, not progress at all but remain mired in any of them; Gunn executed the singing and acting required to differentiate each. As the Poet-Frank, the depth of feeling with which he imbued his poetry, and the physical toll it exacted was visceral."

Congratulations to Sophia Byrd, and Prof. Gunn on their performances!

Photo: Sophia Byrd and Sarah Wigley after her performance in Rev23.

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