Graduate Music Education Requirements

Master of Music Education (M.M.E.) and MME+ Licensure

1. Under the "Program-Specific Questions" of the university application, submit a personal statement discussing your professional aspirations and reasons for pursuing graduate study in music education at the University of Illinois. This statement will also be used to evaluate your writing ability.

2. Completion of a personal interview with the M.M.E. advisor, Dr. Bridget Sweet, to be scheduled after the deadline for MME applications and after all admission materials are received.

3. Letters of recommendation from three individuals who can speak to the applicant’s musicianship, ability to undertake graduate study, and teaching ability or potential.

·  For applicants with public school teaching experience, these letters should include recommendations from principals or supervisors who can speak to the applicant’s quality of teaching, and letters from former professors who can speak to the quality of the applicant’s musicianship and potential for success in rigorous graduate study. For applicants wishing to be considered for teaching assistantships, at least one of the references should speak directly to the applicant’s potential for engaging in university-level teaching duties.

· For applicants without public school teaching experience, letters should include recommendations from an undergraduate music education professor, an applied or ensemble music professor, and individuals who can speak to the applicant’s potential for success in rigorous graduate study.

Please note that the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is not required for application to the M.M.E., nor do M.M.E. students take placement exams in music theory or music history.

Additional requirements for MME +Licensure applicants: 

- Applicants will be required to complete Bloodborne Pathogens Training, Criminal Background Check, Teacher Education Safety Training, and other requirements found here. 

- Finally, applicants will undergo an audit in order to determine the course of study and requirements in line with Licensure requirements. You will need transcripts from your previous institutions in preparation for requesting for a graduate student licensure audit found here. Contact Dr. Bridget Sweet, MME Advisor, for assistance with this request. The Certification Office of the Council on Teacher Education will prepare this audit, which will be used in advising the MME+L student on course selection.