General FAQ

How can I know if Illinois is the right school for me?

• We recommend scheduling a campus visit, especially during the fall or spring semester. We also offer a School of Music Open House in September and March that allows prospective students to get a “behind-the-scenes” look at the School of Music.

How do I apply to the School of Music and sign up for an audition?

• The Application Process is best thought of in three parts:
     1. The University Application
     2. The Supplemental Music Application
     3. The Audition and/or Interview

• You can indicate your top three choices of audition dates on your supplemental music application. We will schedule auditions beginning in November.

I have completed the University Application, but I cannot log into the Supplemental Music Application!

• Not to worry. There is actually an overnight lag time between the final submission of your University Application and the creation of your Supplemental Music Application. Simply wait a day or two and try again. If you still have trouble after 48 hours, send us an email or give us a call.

What do I have to play for my audition?

• The requirements for audition vary by instrument.  Please see our Audition Requirements page.

What if I cannot attend either an on- or off-campus audition?

• While a live audition is always preferred, the School of Music accepts recorded auditions in certain circumstances. Any applicant considering this option should contact the Music Admissions Office prior to submitting the recorded audition. Recorded auditions should be submitted through the School of Music Dropbox. Other media will not be considered. The recording should be uploaded no later than February 1st. Scholarship consideration cannot be guaranteed for applicants who do not audition in person or at a regional audition.

Do I have to provide a portfolio of my work?

• Comp–Theory majors at both the undergraduate and graduate levels must submit a portfolio of compositions. All candidates should submit 3 to 5 original works to the School of Music Dropbox. If recordings have been made of these works, please submit them as well.

What are the deadlines for submitting my application materials?

• Please see our Important Dates page
• If you would like to apply late, please contact the Music Admissions Office.

Where do I stay when I visit campus?

• You can find information on places to stay and things to do by clicking here.

Where do I park when I visit campus?

• The campus community has metered parking available. There are meters located on most streets and these tend to cost around $1.00 per hour (you will need to bring quarters for most meters). Click here to view the campus parking map.
• Meters are FREE on Sundays. Parking is FREE in the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts after 5PM on Monday-Friday, and is FREE all day on Saturday and Sunday.

How and when will I be notified if I have been accepted to the School of Music?

• Undergraduates will be notified by logging back into the University application no later than March 15.
• Graduate applicants will be notified via email no later than March 15.

What performing opportunities are available to me at Illinois?

• We have a large number of ensembles that are open to all UI students by audition. Auditions are normally held during the first week of classes each semester. The Marching Illini auditions occur in the spring.
• There are also opportunities to perform with local community and professional ensembles such as the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonia da Camera, the Prairie Ensemble, and others in the region. Auditions are generally held each fall for open positions and substitute lists.

I want to stay involved with music, but I have a different major.

• You have several options for getting involved.
     1. All School of Music ensembles are open to all UI students by audition.
     2. Non-majors may audition to take private lessons. Although in some situations they may be with an applied professor, normally these lessons are with a graduate teaching assistant. Please click here for more information.
     3. The School of Music offers a Music Minor. You can take music classes beginning with your very first semester . If you pass the audition to become a music minor (no earlier than the end of your second semester on campus) then previous music classes can be applied toward the minor.

Does the School of Music offer courses in the summer?

 Summer offerings are limited to Graduate level courses and are only offered during Summer Session II. One exception is Summer Band, which is open to the University Community at large. An audition and formal registration are not required.
• Although summer offerings are designed to support our Summer Master of Music Education degree, there are offerings that Academic Year graduate students may be interested in taking. Tuition waivers that accompany teaching assistantships remain in effect for the summer sessions.

Undergraduate FAQ

How can I find out exactly what I need to do in order to apply to the School of Music?

• Please see our Undergraduate Degree Programs page and select the degree to which you are interested in applying to find specific information about the application process.

Are there placement exams?

• Undergraduate applicants must complete a brief Music Theory Diagnostic Exam on the day of their audition. This exam is an evaluation of a student's training in music theory fundamentals. The results of this exam are used for further admission evaluation and will determine placement in music theory courses.

What academic requirements must be met in order to be accepted into the School of Music?

• The University of Illinois evaluates all undergraduate applications on three academic requirements plus the personal statement. The academic evaluations are the ACT or SAT, high school class rank and/or GPA, and the high school coursework requirements.
• In addition, international applicants must complete the TOEFL with a minimum score of 80 iBT, or they must receive a score of 25 or higher on the English subsection of the ACT. For more specific details, visit the Office of Admissions and Records website.

Do I need to have someone send a letter of recommendation?

• No. We do not accept or even consider letters of recommendation for undergraduate applicants.

What scholarships are available?

• School of Music Scholarships are available only to music majors in varying amounts from several hundred dollars to full tuition waivers. These awards are given to music majors who excel in performance ability, general musicianship, and academic achievement. All scholarship and award offers to incoming students are made by faculty recommendation on the basis of an entrance audition to the School of Music. Scholarships are renewable so long as the recipient is making satisfactory progress towards a degree in music.

Can I transfer my music credits from another college?

• Most credits in applied music, music theory, ensemble and keyboard will transfer as hours toward the degree. A proficiency or placement exam will determine how many of those hours may be used to substitute for UIUC music theory, keyboard proficiency and applied music courses. Courses in general education will be evaluated by the Undergraduate Affairs Office for the College of Fine and Applied Arts. Most of these will transfer as electives toward the degree, but not all courses offered on this campus meet general education requirements. Individual transfer courses from community colleges and 4-year institutions are reviewed case by case. For courses transferred from a community college in the state of Illinois, refer to the transfer and general education websites.

I think I want to major in music AND another area. What do I do?

• Sometimes called double-major, study in two major areas is called “dual-degree” study at Illinois. Although rare, it is possible to earn two bachelor degrees at the same time. This requires two separate applications. Keep in mind that at Illinois you may only be considered for departmental scholarships in one area.