Workshop and recital with students of the Electric Strings program

5 Oct 2022 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Transducers and Tunes

Together with program director Rudolf Haken, students in the Electric Strings program will demonstrate a diverse array of original creative works for the audience and for David Rosenboom. Rosenboom will respond to the students’ work and will also discuss his approach to playing a modular electronic instrument with his wireless, five-string, e- vioviola as its primary input. This will include discussing general design concepts for developing practical instrument interfaces with electronics, employing techniques like spectral parsing, multi-band envelope following and threshold triggering, interactive control function generation, and shaping and morphing sampled waveforms as primary sound sources within a small modular setup activated by the e-vioviola. Techniques for improvising with this setup may be explored. The participants will then design the program for a Performance/Master Class to take place later in the week.

Featured participants:

− David Rosenboom (George A. Miller Visiting Professor)

− Rudolf Haken (Professor of Viola and Electric Strings; director of the Electric Strings program at the

University of Illinois)